Repair Work - Descriptions

Repair Work Done on Brass and Woodwind Instruments

Brass Repair Descriptions Good Playing Condition: 
Chemical Clean & Additional Notes: 
**Call for prices on complete brass overhauls.   
 Brass Repair Job Descriptions Good Playing Condition: 

If the instrument doesn't need a complete clean & service. Valves and slides pulled and cleaned as necessary. Up to 2 solder joints, no dent work. Pull stuck slides as necessary. Felts, corks, springs and strings replaced as necessary. Greased and oiled. 

Ultrasonic or Chemical Clean & Service: Instrument is completely disassembled. Easily accessible dents are removed. Instrument is cleaned, using non-toxic chemicals, brushed out and flushed with soapy then clean water. Valves and small parts are cleaned ultrasonically. 

All felts and corks are replaced. Springs are replaced as necessary. Tuning slides are polished and everything is greased and oiled.     

Woodwinds Repair Descriptions Good Playing Condition:
Chemical Clean & Service   
Woodwind Repair Job Descriptions Good Playing Condition: 

Instrument is cleaned as necessary. Pads, key corks and tenon corks are replaced as necessary. Instrument is adjusted and regulated to remove lost key motion. Keys are oiled and instrument is play tested. 

Prices do not include the cost of necessary replacement parts other than pads, corks and felts. Major dent work not included. Only dent work necessary to restore playability is included in P/C prices. Prices do not include case repairs. 

If an instrument is beyond a good P/C, a repad is recommended. Repad: Instrument is completely disassembled. Body and keys are cleaned. Hinge rods and hinge tubes are cleaned. All pads are replaced. Tenon corks, key corks and felts are replaced as necessary. Instrument is reassembled, adjusted and regulated, oiled and play tested. 

Overhaul: In addition to services performed in a repad, All key corks and tenon corks are replaced. Keys are buffed to a high luster. Wood bodies are oiled. 

**Does not include relacquering of brass bodied instruments.   

All Major Dent Work on Saxes by Estimate. Call for Prices on Relacquering Work.   All repair work is performed by myself, on premises. Certain jobs, beyond my expertise will be sent to specialists in the particular repair. 

Examples are: Large relacquering work, metal plating, tenon repairs, piston valve replate and refits.     

 If you have any questions, contact me.